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Are You Part Of Every Step Of The Process?

Dr Ava is involved in every step of the process when selecting products for The Box by Dr Ava. She uses all of her past training and knowledge to choose and develop products for use by anyone who wants their skin to look good. Every product that is included in The Box by Dr Ava has been reviewed with a lens based on the culmination of all areas of her work. As a board-certified dermatologist with a strong research background, Dr Ava is in the position to choose products that are both efficacious and safe.

TRANSCRIPT: “I’ve been so fortunate to be involved in every step of the process of everything that goes into making your skin beautiful and “soup to nuts”, that’s what I do here.”


The Box By Dr. Ava

Get the exclusive seasonal box with full-size, dermatologist-recommended products ($800+ in value) delivered right to your door…four times a year! In addition to the box you will receive a membership to Dr Ava’s private Facebook group. Annual subscribers will also get surprise gifts and private monthly live Q&A’s with Dr Ava and expert guests. Don’t worry, you can change or cancel your membership at any time.