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After A Full Year (Four Seasons Of The Box) How Will My Skin Be Better Off?

What is the value of becoming a regular subscriber to The Box? Will your skin actually be better off after a year? 

The short answers are: there is so much value in becoming a regular subscriber, and we’re going to the many benefits here. 

And, yes. Your skin will be better off after a year if you are consistent with your routine and using seasonally curated products that are right for your skin type. 

Promises, Promises

Many skincare products promise that your skin will look better after a few weeks. And yes – you might see some differences right away, but the real improvement comes after a full year of outstanding skincare. Consistently applying products twice a day is so important. That’s why we encourage our clients to subscribe to The Box by Dr. Ava for the entire year. 

Size Matters

The Box by Dr. Ava is committed to only providing full-sized products in our box so that you can find the products that genuinely work for you.

Seasonally Curated

Just as the seasons change, so does your skin. It’s important that the way you care for your skin also changes. Whether it’s more oil in the summer or dryness in the winter – The Box by Dr. Ava supplies skincare that’s appropriate for each season so that you can stay on top of your skincare needs throughout the year.


You can tap into Dr. Ava’s 30 years of industry knowledge with your subscription to The Box by Dr. Ava and get real answers to your most pressing skincare questions. You will have the support of other people who will encourage you and answer your most pressing questions. Everyone in our community wants the best for your skin.

The Dermatologist Difference 

When you purchase products from a dermatologist, not only are you getting a customized routine tailored to your specific needs, you’re also getting medical-grade products that are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients. Unlike certain products you might find in Sephora or on Amazon, medical-grade skincare products are researched, vetted, and FDA-cleared for patient use. This thorough examination process enables these products to be tested for both safety and efficacy. These formulations and delivery systems mean those superstar ingredients actually penetrate the skin to tackle the core issues of whatever skin condition you’re struggling with. 

The more powerful a product, the more likely it is to be dermatologist-dispensed.

The reality is medical-grade skincare products might cost more upfront, but they add far more value to your skin routine overall. Plus, because medical-grade products are more potent, you only need to use a little bit each time. 

Remember, your skin is the largest organ! Investing in it is well worth it.

With so many influencers in the beauty space, who can you trust with your skin?! If you want a true beauty expert, look no further than a dermatologist! As trained doctors with extensive knowledge of skin, hair, and nails, dermatologists can guide both cosmetically and medically.


Like any other area of wellness, whether it’s nutrition, fitness, or skincare – consistency is key. And what better way to maintain consistency than to have dermatologist-recommended, full-sized products delivered right to your door? With the Box by Dr. Ava, you’re getting the ticket to younger, healthier looking skin. Using the right products for you every day (twice a day) and having a community to keep you on track will make all the difference.


“So the question is, what’s the value of becoming a regular subscriber to The Box? Will your skin actually be better after a year? Well, it turns out that a lot of the promises that skincare make it say your skin looks better after two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, yes, you will see some improvement, but the real improvement comes after a full year of outstanding skincare. So that’s why you’d want to subscribe for the entire year, that’s one reason. Another reason is of course, to join our community, on our Facebook community you will be able to ask questions, to find the answers to questions you didn’t even know that you have. It’s such a wonderful advantage to be part of a doctor-oriented group.”


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