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Dr Ava Explains Skincare and Wellness Routine

Wellness, in Dr Ava’s view, is a category that includes skincare, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and connectedness. She calls these the “Pillars of Wellness.” Lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise, and skincare all contribute to your overall wellness. (Transcript)



The skin is our biggest organ and it serves many functions, but I think the skin’s proudest function is to serve as an advertisement of our health and well-being. And so that’s why choosing the appropriate skincare for your skin and having something that has actives in it that are going to improve the quality of your skin goes a long way toward wellness, overall wellness.” – Dr Ava

Skincare is the foundation of health for your skin and it is all about routine. Sample products can’t inform you if a product is good for you or not, you need to try the product for at least 30 days and remember to use skincare products that are appropriate for the season. These are simple tips but we all have a lot on our minds. This is why The Box by Dr Ava is committed to only providing full-sized products four times are year, with each season.

Every product that is included in The Box by Dr Ava comes with a dermatologist recommendation based on her 30 years of industry knowledge and work. And now you can tap into Dr Ava’s knowledge with your subscription to get real answers to your most pressing skincare questions (or you can scroll more and read a little first, The Box by Dr Ava will be here when you are ready).

Read, or watch, Dr Ava’s skincare information blog for tons of skincare tips.

Learn more about The Box by Dr Ava – it’s the perfect helping hand in your skincare routine.


Your skin is very resilient. It can bounce back from the occasional night of drinking if you do your due diligence (read the full blog on alcohol). Just remember that moderation is key, and how you take care of your skin matters. Set a reminder on your phone so that you don’t skip that pre-bedtime routine of wash, tone, apply serum, and moisturize. Your face will thank you in the morning.

If you suffer from inflammation here is a Pro Tip just for you: Add an anti-oxidant serum to your daily routine, increase your intake of vitamin c, and eat plenty of amino acid-rich foods like fish and legumes to control inflammation.

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Fitness and getting some exercise into your daily routine is great for you, which means it is great for your skin too. Exercise pushes all your body’s systems and  impacts the circulation  of blood and oxygen to your skin. Since skin is your biggest organ, it likes blood and oxygen and will happy to get some!

Exercise can also create lots of sweat, clogged pours, excess dirty build up – frankly it can be a little messy. This means it is better to exercise without make up, try not to touch your face too much, keep your hair out of your face and make sure to wash your face very well after your workout routine is complete.

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Spirituality & Connection

Being connected spiritually and/or connected to those around you is just plain good for your health. Smiling is infectious and laughter has been shown to provide a ton of benefits. So let’s smile and laugh together.

In terms of skincare, there are benefits that come from being happy and balanced. Plus, connections and community can assist you in building good skincare habits, a key success factor to your skincare routine. To get connected and support with likeminded individuals, join The Box by Dr Ava community available to all subscribers.

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The real question is, do you want skincare that actually works? Dr Ava is a renowned board-certified dermatologist with two of her own full-service dermatology clinics in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. She personally curates each season’s box, so you can rest assured each product has been researched, tested, and approved to do exactly what it promises. A skincare subscription box backed by science? Yes, please.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: “Wellness in my book is now a category that includes skincare, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, connectedness, and so we call these the Pillars of Wellness now, the five Pillars of Wellness.

And so for me, having a very active lifestyle, anybody that knows me knows that I’m moving, and when I’m in my office, I’m like zooming around the office. So all of it fits together like a hand in glove, so what you’re putting in your mouth, how your sleep habits are, what your fitness routine is, does it include stretching? Is it only cardio? Is it only weight lifting? Everything has to have many facets to it to be useful.

And by the same principle, what you apply to your skin has to do something for your skin, it can’t just be your, I don’t know, grandmother’s or great grandmother’s moisturizer, it’s not just a little jar of cold cream, it’s something that has actives that are going to do something beneficial for your skin no matter what your age is.”


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