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How Is The Box by Dr Ava Ideal In The Times of COVID?

Skincare in time of COVID

Over the past year of dealing with COVID, many of us found ourselves under stay-at-home orders. Or, we weren’t comfortable going out to try and find new products or get services.

Even as restrictions are lifting and the masks are coming off,  it might be some time before we’re all doing these once everyday things again. And there are some things we may choose to do from home forever going forward – and why not? 

The Box by Dr. Ava allows you to get dermatologist-curated, seasonally appropriate skincare right in the safety and comfort of your own home!

Always Full-Sized Samples

The Box by Dr. Ava is committed to only providing full-sized products in our box so that you can find the products that genuinely work for you. Consistency is key, and it’s hard to know if a product will work for you if you only use a small sample size for a few days. To really see how a product interacts with your skin, you should use it twice daily for at least 30 days. 

Seasonally Curated Products

Just as the seasons change, so does your skin. It’s important that the way you care for your skin also changes. Whether it’s more oil in the summer or dryness in the winter – The Box by Dr. Ava supplies skincare that’s appropriate for each season so that you can stay on top of your skincare needs throughout the year.

Our Community

You can tap into Dr. Ava’s 30 years of industry knowledge with your subscription to The Box by Dr. Ava and get real answers to your most pressing skincare questions. You will have the support of other people who will encourage you and answer your most pressing questions. Everyone in our community wants the best for your skin.

The Dermatologist Difference 

When you purchase products from a dermatologist, not only are you getting a customized routine tailored to your specific needs, you’re also getting medical-grade products that are formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients. 


Whether you’re taking re-entry into the world slowly, or you’re full-on ready to visit the salon for a facial – we’ve got you covered. The products in the Box by Dr. Ava, and the support from our built-in community will support your pre-juvination journey from anywhere. 

TRANSCRIPT: “Now, in the time of COVID, we have a stay-at-home order here in Los Angeles. So it’s not so easy to go out and get a facial, you have to create all of that for yourself. We’re also not gonna go to some place like Sephora or some place to take off our masks, we’re just not gonna do it. And so this is an opportunity for you to get quality skincare with support and back up by the community, right in the safety of very own home. And we all know, even though we are more at home in a way, we’re more exposed because we’re constantly on some kind of video chat, whether it’s FaceTime, whether it’s Zoom, whether it’s Cisco, whatever platform you’re on. You’re being photographed, and if you’re just putting up a picture of your dog instead of you or your cat, maybe your goldfish, people don’t like that, they want to see you, they want to see the expression in your eyes, and so when you look really good, there’s only… so much you can do with those filters. And so when your skin looks good, then you want people to say, “Hey, you’re doing well, you’re okay. I’m like, yeah, I’m okay. I’ve got my Box by Dr Ava, I’m good.”


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