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5 Tips to Address Adult Acne From Celebrity Dermatologist, Ava Shamban MD

Hormones, cosmetics, skincare regimen and lifestyle choices are factors that contribute to adult acne. If you’re over 25 and still struggling with clogged pores, skin redness and inflammation, Dr. Shamban has 5 tips for Acne Awareness Month to banish blemishes. All solutions along with AvaMD’s tele-aesthetic appointments come with The Box By Dr Ava.

Tip 1: Keep Skin Clean

Excess oil, clogged pores and bacteria all contribute to adult acne, resulting in redness, inflammation and pimples. While twice-daily cleansing is good, a deep cleanse is even better.

Dr Ava recommends facial cleansing technology MYSKINBUDDY™, the device that uses light to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate dead skin cells that contribute to clogged pores. It also minimizes redness and inflammation for a clearer, brighter complexion and even skin tone.

Tip 2: Be Gentle

As much as you want to try to scrub away oil and acne, don’t. Scrubbing only exacerbates redness and inflammation. The general rule of thumb is to wash your face twice a day and exfoliate twice a week to remove oil and bacteria. 

Dr Ava recommends forgoing exfoliating products with beads, opting instead for an enzyme peel. Try: Theraderm NuPeel Natural Enzyme Peel, which uses papaya enzymes and botanical extracts to gently remove dead skin cells and leave skin clean and fresh.

Tip 3: Don’t Pick or Pop

A cool DIY—ice can cure the size, redness, painfulness and longevity of the pimple, according to Dr Ava. Sterilize the area with hydrogen peroxide and wash your hands with soap and water. Then hold an ice cube in the area for 30 seconds. Wait 5 minutes and if needed, re-apply for another 30 seconds.

Tip 4: Keep Skin Protected

Contrary to what some may think, a sunburn is NOT a good remedy for acne, so wear SPF. Just make sure it doesn’t include silicones, mineral oils or other comedogenic oils and butters, all of which are a no-no for acne-prone skin. 

Dr Ava recommends using a sunscreen with zinc oxide because it won’t clog pores. TIZO3 by TIZO pure mineral sunscreen which offers a sun protection factor of 40 with a sheer tint and matte finish. Wear alone or as a skin-perfecting makeup primer. 

Tip 5: Keep Skin Calm and Cool

Since inflammation and redness are characteristic of acne-prone skin, using a daily cooling product with ingredients known for calming properties is a smart skin strategy. One such ingredient? CBD! Notably, studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that act on oil-producing glands in the skin. 

Dr Ava recommends Aforé CBD Effusive, first-of-its-kind antioxidant facial mist that uses water-soluble CBD synergistically with plant extracts and antioxidants to calm and cool the skin, reduce puffiness, erase redness, and make skin glow.

About The Box By Dr Ava

Dr. Ava Shamban is celebrity dermatologist, reality TV veteran, author, avid contributor, and now, the mind behind the first ever dermatologist-curated skincare subscription box. The Box By Dr Ava introduces consumers to top of the line dermatologist-selected skincare and wellness products.

Subscribers gain access to experts through real-time Tele Aesthetic consultations with Dr. Ava’s Aestheticians, live Q&As and Dr. Ava’s private Facebook group.

Membership options make The Box by Dr Ava perfect for everyone who wants (or is obsessed with) having beautiful skin.

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