The Spring 2021 Box

In The Box by Dr Ava Spring Edition, we’re focusing on products that will help your skin transition from winter to spring. With spring comes a lot of changes; more sun, lots of pollen, warmer temps, and often lots of rain. With seasonally curated products, the products included in the Spring Box will help the skin adapt to the change. Stay tuned as we announce the new product line-up!

TRANSCRIPT: “What’s in the Spring Box? What is going on in here that is going to help your skin transition from winter to spring? Well, we all know that a lot of things go crazy in the spring, right, because we’re coming out of a cold time when we’re really stuck indoors with a lot of dry heat. Outside, the air is very low in humidity, and all of a sudden it’s spring. It might be raining more where you live, it might not be raining, but whatever is happening in spring, there is a change in temperature and there is a change in climate. And our skin, like the flowers, can go kind of crazy. Sometimes there’s so much pollen in air that your skin breaks out in itchy rashes, sometimes it’s just there’s more sun, you weren’t used to it. There’s all kinds of different changes in conditions, so figuring out how to help the skin adapt to the change, that’s where the spring box comes in. So stay tuned for what’s inside the spring box that will help your skin make the transition to a beautiful fresh looking spring face.”


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