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Tips For Sticking To Your Skincare Routine

According to Dr. Ava, wellness is a category that includes skincare, nutrition, fitness, spirituality, and connectedness. She calls these the “Pillars of Wellness,” and each pillar requires a commitment of consistency. 

Skincare is the foundation of health for your skin, and as your largest organ, your skin is essential to your general health. If you take care of it, it can help take care of you. This is why it is vital to have a consistent skincare routine tailored to your skin. It is absolutely worth the time and energy to take care of your skin daily.

Prevention is Better than Treatment

There is no question that prevention is better than correction. Pre-juvination is the act of preemptively caring for your skin. Through pre-juvination, you are changing the way you age and responding to skin issues before they have a chance to take hold. 

Treating things like a few fine lines or wrinkles earlier in your life allows you to maintain healthy, glowing skin throughout your years. 

Benefits of a Skin Care Routine

Your skincare routine has other many benefits, including:

  • Slowing down the signs of aging
  • Boosting confidence – when you look good, you feel good
  • Keeping the skin healthy, which in turn keeps you healthier
  • Dramatic results in the appearance of your skin
  • Encouragement to adopt other healthy routines, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle

Starting Your Routine

Three steps should go into every skincare routine, no matter how old you are. Those are: clean, moisturize, add sunscreen.

Find a gentle cleanser to remove oil, dirt, and makeup. A good moisturizer acts as a barrier between your skin and the environmental things that can harm it. For sunscreen, choose a mineral-based formula such as the TIZO3. It’s a sheer, tinted facial mineral sunscreen that offers cosmetically elegant, broad-spectrum sun protection with a matte finish. 

 Once you’ve established this core routine, you can add things like toner, serum, oils, and masks.

Not Sure Which Products to Add Next? 

Use a dermatologist-curated subscription service. Because let’s be honest – the ever-evolving world of skincare is daunting. With so much information (and misinformation) coming at you from every direction, figuring out what really works for you can feel like an uphill battle. 

If you don’t have time to wade through fads or spend hours researching each ingredient in every new product, or if you want real answers from qualified sources you can trust, try The Box by Dr Ava

Dr. Ava Shamban holding the box light background

Remember: Consistency is Key

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times – consistency really is the key to great skincare. No matter which products you choose, they won’t work if you’re not using them. 

“You cannot go to build muscle at the gym from time to time, inconsistently, and expect Madonna’s arms — it takes an almost daily, highly concerted and diligent effort.”

 -Dr. Ava

But how do you stick to the routine? Try a few (or all!) of these tips and tricks:

Set a Goal and Reward Yourself

Stick to the clean-moisturize-sunscreen for two weeks, and then reward yourself with a luxurious new product or service to add to your collection. Or, schedule an appointment with one of our tele-aestheticians to get all of your skincare questions answered.

Display Your Products

Keep the products you use daily — not necessarily your entire skincare arsenal — neatly displayed on your bathroom counter or a cute mirrored shelf rather than stuffed away in a drawer or medicine cabinet. As Dr. Ava says: out of sight, out of mind.

Make Your Home Your Spa

Because in 2020-2021, we’re not going anywhere anyway. So bring the spa to you! Aromatherapy, music, silenced phones, and freedom from responsibilities – do whatever it takes to recreate what you love about the spa during your daily skincare routine. This also benefits your well-being and gives you a daily moment to look forward to.

Take a Before Photo

What’s more motivating than results? Take a picture of your skin, then commit to a routine for 4 weeks. Take another picture after the 4 weeks and compare the two. Seeing your once-stressed skin look clearer, healthier, and revived skin is sure to help you keep going. 

Create a Mantra

Mantras may sound like a sort of mystical thing, but for Camile Styles, having a mantra that she can return to in a moment of weakness helps her visualize how she wants to feel after achieving her goal. 

Try telling yourself: 

Healthy skin for a healthy me 


Beauty from the inside out 

Write a Note to Yourself

If all else fails, “a Post-It on the mirror is always a good reminder with a message of support of your self-care,” says Dr. Ava. (Or, you know – tell Siri to set a reminder on your phone.)


Sticking to a skincare routine is like sticking to any other new routine. Just keep doing it. Start small with three basic steps (clean, moisturize, apply sunscreen) and go from there. Make it fun, reward yourself, stage before-and-after photoshoots – whatever you need to do to start pre-juvinating your skin, let’s get to it! 


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