What is skin texture?

Skin texture is how our skin feels to the touch. Ideally, our skin should be soft with a smooth, even texture, but it’s not uncommon to have skin that feels coarse and irregular. When you touch a baby’s cheek – remember that they haven’t been exposed to the free radicals caused by sun exposure yet. Our skin naturally changes over time, but there are ways to keep feeling baby smooth.

Transcript: If you have a mirror, the mirror has a flat surface, and that’s how you get a clear reflection of your face or whatever body part you’re trying to observe in the mirror, right? If your skin has slightly irregular texture, like let’s say you’ve got a mound of skin cells in one area, but then it’s flat in another area, you don’t get an even reflection like you would with a flat mirror, you can kind of look in an old cracked mirror, and you can see that your face, you don’t get a smooth reflection. So it’s the same principle with the skin, those are textural changes of the skin, it means your skin is not exfoliating enough, and so if you’re skin texturally – you can also just touch your skin, and you can feel it, it feels like gravel as opposed to smooth, like a baby’s bottom, like we like to say. So you want your skin – it doesn’t matter what age you are – you can have that smooth baby-like skin it is totally achievable with good skin care, but those are textural changes and those, of course, are addressed by items you could maybe just find in The Box by Dr Ava.


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