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Why Should I Go To A Dermatologist For Beauty?

Hi everyone! Dr Ava here back to dish a little derm info!

Let’s get some basics out of the way.

What is dermatology? Dermatology refers to the study, research, and diagnosis of various issues (both medical and cosmetic) that affect the skin, hair, and nails. A dermatologist is, as you can guess, a doctor of dermatology. From catching and treating skin cancers to carefully placed injectables to help a person feel confident, we do it all!

Your dermatologist is, first and foremost, a doctor. That means they’ve spent years (and years) studying and learning everything there is to know when it comes to skin. They’ve been trained, tested, and certified as experts. They’ve been taught to understand research results, to put together puzzle pieces, and (of course!) treat their patients.

But there’s also creativity when it comes to dermatology. Faces are a lot like artwork. With subtle brush strokes here and there, you can really make a masterpiece come alive. But like with great artists, that also requires training and technique.

Of course, having valuable insights into beauty isn’t just limited to dermatologists. There are so many qualified people in the beauty space who can guide you, depending on your needs. A professional makeup artist knows how to blend and contour to highlight certain parts of your face. An aesthetician can have fantastic product recommendations and life-changing treatments like peels or medical facials. Even those influencers I tend to caution against might occasionally know a thing or two!

The reason I recommend starting out with a dermatologist is because they encompass all of this. Seeing a board-certified dermatologist means you’re getting accurate information about your skin. Knowing what’s real (and what’s just a fad) can help you make informed decisions down the road.

I’ve always considered dermatologists to be a mix of both artists and scientists.

As derms, beauty is our business! We respect it. We love it. And we work really hard to understand it, in all of its nuances.


With so many influencers in the beauty space, who can you trust with your skin?! If you want a true beauty expert, look no further than a dermatologist! As trained doctors with extensive knowledge of skin, hair, and nails, dermatologists can guide both cosmetically and medically.


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