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Wrinkles and How They Manifest

When it comes to skincare, “wrinkle” is the dirtiest word in our language. Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges in the skin. They naturally appear as people get older, and can be exacerbated by external factors such as climate and poor skincare. They develop and get deeper as we age due to the skin becoming thinner and less elastic over time. There are different types of wrinkles; dynamic, static, fine line, deeper, and more superficial. Which wrinkles you have determines the approach to treatment. Protecting your skin from sun damage by using a mineral-based sunscreen is critical, and your skincare routine, in general, will play a role in how many wrinkles you have, and how they progress. The key to fighting off stressed skin is hydration and the use of high-quality skincare products.

TRANSCRIPT: “Wrinkles, the scorge of Western civilization. It really is a dirty word in this office… Wrinkles, okay, so obviously there’s different kinds of wrinkles, there are wrinkles that are caused by motion. So we all know about the frown wrinkle and then we know that some people’s foreheads get really wrinkled, and then we also know that people get wrinkles around their eyes, you get wrinkles around the mouth, you can get wrinkles on your neck, anywhere there’s movement and you can find a wrinkle. And so you’ll notice that when you’re young, when you make an expression, whether you’re frowning or you’re lifting your brow, you’re smiling, you see a wrinkle there, momentarily. And then it goes away. So those are what we call dynamic wrinkles, those are wrinkles that appear when you move your face, when you smile, when you frown. Then there’s another category of wrinkles, which are called static wrinkles, these are wrinkles that are there at rest, so often what happens is a dynamic wrinkle when you’re 15 turns into a static wrinkle when you’re 25. So all of those wrinkles, all those expressions that you make, like everything fades away, but then comes back to haunt you like literally. So those are kind of static and dynamic wrinkles, now, we also look at wrinkles as fine lines. Fine lines and wrinkles, so those are like the tiny criss-crossy thing you might have seen in a grandparent or someone who hasn’t been using sunscreen, ’cause you can really see them in any age. You can see, tiny little fine wrinkles, those are sort of, we call those fine, more superficial wrinkles, and you can also have deeper wrinkles and we all know what that looks like, those are those deep, almost like someone who’s taken a chisel and carved them in. So those can or occur in some people, just on their cheeks or they can be kind of anywhere on the face and they can be related to some motion, but they tend to be in older people who’ve had more sun exposure, you can see that in pictures of people who work outside on a farm or drivers on their side where they get the sun. There’s a great photograph of a guy who was in England, and so he was on the opposite side, obviously driving, you could see if you split his face like one-half looked like he was 105, and the other half looked like he was 45. That’s right, that’s right girl, cover that face. So yeah, no, it’s really quite remarkable, but those are… So we talk about wrinkles – dynamic, static, fine line, deeper and more superficial, and depending on the wrinkle that determines our approach to treatment, but of course, everything that you do to protect your skin, whether you’re protecting against sun exposure, pollution exposure, whether you’re applying appropriate skincare for you and obviously sunscreen. That determines how many of those wrinkles show up on your face or anywhere.


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