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Do You Provide Information Around Season Shifts & Skincare in The Box?

Just as the seasons change, so does your skin. It’s important that the way you care for your skin also changes. The Box by Dr Ava supplies skincare that’s appropriate for each season so that you can stay on top of your skincare needs throughout the year. In addition to the products, the Box by Dr Ava provides clients a community packed with so much education, you could get an advanced degree in what your skin is acting like now. The more you know about your skin type and the products that you are using, the more control you have.

TRANSCRIPT: “As part of The Box by Dr Ava community, we will provide you with so much education, you can get an advanced degree, in what your skin is acting like now. I mean, understanding knowledge is obviously the basis for more intelligent choices in every aspect of your life, the more you know, the more control you have.”


The Box By Dr. Ava

Get the exclusive seasonal box with full-size, dermatologist-recommended products ($800+ in value) delivered right to your door…four times a year! In addition to the box you will receive a membership to Dr Ava’s private Facebook group. Annual subscribers will also get surprise gifts and private monthly live Q&A’s with Dr Ava and expert guests. Don’t worry, you can change or cancel your membership at any time.