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How Do You First Approach a Patient?

Do you want to know how Dr Ava first approaches her patients? By asking “What is the most beautiful part of your face?”. Every person has a point of beauty or a “signature feature”. Even if you can’t see it, Dr Ava will. And, she understands exactly how skincare products are going to work for different people’s skin types. The Box by Dr Ava includes products that she feels will truly affect your skin or even on your mental health. As a board-certified dermatologist with a research background, Dr Ava is in the position to choose products that are efficacious and safe. And, in addition to high-quality products, The Box by Dr Ava gives skincare enthusiasts and addicts alike have a place to go where you can ask in-depth questions and get real answers

TRANSCRIPT: “People want to know how I first approach a patient. So, first of all, I get on my safety guarb, my magnifying glasses, and then I begin with “What is the most beautiful part of your face?”. I always like to start with someone’s point of beauty, which I call “signature feature”, and usually if they don’t volunteer it, then I volunteer it for them. It’s usually your eyes or mouth, but we talk about that because in the end, everything else I do is done to showcase or highlight that beautiful feature.

In this case, Leslie does have a beautiful smile, give me that smile again, and she’s got a couple of cute dimples too, and so if people really look and you notice… You notice that your eyes start tracking any irregularities in the skin, and so that’s what we want to have. So since Leslie has been a patient for a while, she’s a beautiful skin, and so look at the texture, she has no makeup on, look at the texture and look at the light reflection, that’s from good hydration and it’s from great skincare. So that’s what we want. We want to have this nice even reflection of the light off of the skin. And so what are the benefits of getting The Box by Dr Ava? The benefits are you get to be part of my family, my community, so that you have access to me and all of my staff and their expertise. No appointment necessary.”


The Box By Dr. Ava

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