Men’s Approach to Skincare


When it comes to skincare, it’s safe to say that most men take a minimalist approach, if any approach at all, to building their routine. Maybe it’s because the world of skincare and it’s related products can feel overwhelming, or perhaps even seem excessive or silly. But what’s not silly is premature aging, skin cancer, or a lack of self-confidence. 

Preventative skincare can aid in all of these issues, and the first step to great skin is creating a routine you’ll remember to follow. 

The products you need for a basic skincare regime can all be used in tandem. The order in which you apply them doesn’t matter much, but you should always start with a clean canvas.

Step one: wash your face

Starting with a clean face may sound like a no-brainer, but the product you use here truly does matter – you’ll want to keep the following in mind when selecting a face wash. Find a product that has moisturizer but also has salicylic acid to help control oil. The goal is to find a product that controls oil but doesn’t leave your skin dry. Avoid artificial colors and fragrances which can dry skin out. And no matter what, never resort to using bar soap. Even if it says organic or gentle, it is still too harsh for the skin on your face.

Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night. When you’re done washing, the skin should not feel tight. Clean is good, but tight is not. Tightness means dryness, so you feel like it’s hard to smile, you’ll want to change up your facewash to something with more moisture.

Pro-Tip: Pat your face dry, don’t rub. Rubbing is damaging to the skin and can cause wrinkles. 

To tone or not to tone?

Typically after washing your face, you would apply a toner. Think of the toner as the primer you would use before painting – it adjusts the pH levels in the skin to create a flawless base. There is some speculation on whether or not this step is truly necessary for men, particularly if you’re using a face wash that’s right for your skin type. But for those who have specific skin issues like acne or dryness, you will probably want to add this to your line-up. Toner can also help eliminate excess oil and reduce shine. 

Step two: eye cream 

While the toner might be considered optional, a good eye cream should not be. This multifaceted tool will be the swiss army knife of your skincare routine. If you find yourself looking a little puffy, often the result of too little sleep or too much indulgence, eye cream will come to your rescue. Dark circles? Bags? Also a job for the eye cream. 

Apply cream twice daily after washing.

Pro-Tip: Use your ring finger to pat the product underneath the eye. The skin here is very thin and fragile – since your index finger is the weakest, it is the least likely to aggravate this delicate area. 

Step three: serums

Next up are the serums. These potent formulas are lighter than moisturizers and deliver targeted ingredients to address specific skin issues. So whatever your problem might be – whether it’s wrinkles, dark spots, premature aging, or acne – there’s a serum for that. 

If you’re unsure about which serum is right for you, look for one that addresses more than one issue. You can’t go wrong with a basic hydrating formula. A great option is the U.SK Under Skin Precious Elixir. Containing strong peptides that can boost collagen, studies show that consistent use of the Precious Elixir leads to a dramatic decrease in both static and dynamic skin lines. 

Use twice a day after washing.

Step four: moisturizer

Just as location, location, location is the name of the game in real estate – moisture, moisture, moisture is what you’re looking for in skincare. 

Hydrated skin is the key in helping to prevent signs of aging and relieving stressed-out skin. Look for a formula that’s lightweight to prevent a greasy feeling. If you have oily skin, look for an oil-free variety. If acne is an issue, look for salicylic as an ingredient. 

Try to avoid parabens and artificial fragrances as both are drying agents and counterproductive to the whole point of moisturizing. 

To really step up your game you could invest in two different moisturizers; one for the daytime and one for at night. For the night cream, choose something heavier with restorative properties. For daytime, a lighter formula with SPF in it can be your go-to.

Step five: sunscreen

Yes, applying SPF is still important, even if it is also in your moisturizer. Look for a mineral-based sunscreen, like TIZO3, which is safer than the traditional chemical-based brands. Make sure it’s at least an SPF 15, and re-apply every 30 minutes if you’re going to be in the sun. Apply liberally, and not just to your face but to all exposed skin. Preventing sun damage is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and it’s never too late to start. Look for the TIZO3 sunscreen in The Box by Dr Ava: Skincare Heroes Limited Edition box, available now


A good skincare routine doesn’t need to be overwhelming or excessive. Select products that are compatible with your skin type, avoid harsh chemicals, and remember to always start with a clean face. Consistency is more important than how much time you spend, or how many products you use. Spending 5-10 minutes twice a day on these very basic steps will set you on the path toward healthy, great looking skin


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