Erasa XEP 30






XEP 30 is a cutting-edge skincare technology inspired by nature. Created by pioneering scientists at BioMimetic Laboratories, XEP 30 is a biomimetic neuropeptide that helps relax deep lines, wrinkles, and frown lines. We co-developed this powerful new material with Activen International, in Switzerland, for exclusive use in Erasa XEP 30 products.

Through the synergistic effects of neuropeptides, vitamins, anti-inflammatory, and collagen-building materials, Erasa XEP 30 is also able to:

  • Reduce deep frown & expression lines

  • Refine skin texture

  • Even skin tone

  • Brighten dark age spots

  • Boost firmness

This complex gently works beneath the skin’s surface day by day, helping to relax the forehead and facial areas; thus smoothing lines and wrinkles, with results in just 2 weeks.