Shipping, Returns and Refunds

Shipping Information

Currently, The Box by Dr. Ava is only shipping to the United States. We are working quickly to expand internationally. To be notified of when we will start shipping internationally, make sure you’ve joined our email mailing list in the footer of our website.

All boxes will ship out on the same day, generally between the 10th and 15th day of the month of February, May, August and November. The Box by Dr. Ava: Skincare Heroes Limited Edition is a special initial offering that will ship out on December 10th. All boxes ship out flat-rate ground shipping, if you need you package delivered sooner, contact us at


Return & Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the products offered in The Box by Dr Ava for each seasonally-curated edition, we cannot accept returns of any product or treatments that have shipped out.