truSculpt flex by Cutera

In The Box by Dr Ava: Skincare Heroes Limited Edition, you receive full-sized, high-quality products that are usually reserved for Dr Ava’s private clients. We believe in providing full-sized samples so that you get all of the benefits of each unique product. 

If you have ever hit a plateau in your diet and workout routine, then you probably understand the frustration of not being able to lose that last bit of weight or tone that one stubborn area. Let’s talk about our next product; a revolutionary non-surgical treatment called truSculpt flex by Cutera, and how it can help.

truSculpt flex by Cutera is a muscle-sculpting device that allows personalized, simulated workouts. These treatments are comfortable, safe, and proven effective. Plus, there is no downtime afterward – just the reward of having worked out, without having to actually work out!

So how does this impressive machine work? truSculpt flex by Cutera is the only device on the market to use Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) to target specific muscle groups and simulate various workouts on a personalized level. By employing this unique method of electronic muscle stimulation, truSculpt flex works to activate contractions in targeted areas of your body. 

truSculpt flex does this by using three distinct treatment modes that each replicate the intensified sensation of twisting, squatting, and crunching. These modes are set-up with your specific body shape and fitness level in mind.

  • Prep Mode creates a twisting motion to stretch you out and warm you up. 
  • Tone Mode contracts and holds the muscles to increase endurance.
  • Sculpt Mode deeply and quickly contracts the muscles to build muscle mass and increase strength. 

Each 45-minute session can target up to eight areas at once, which leaves you feeling stronger, firmer, and tighter. All this without ever setting foot in the gym.

Anyone, regardless of body shape or fitness level, will benefit from using truSculpt flex. Weight loss, reduced body fat, and increased stamina are just some of the clinically proven results from using truSculpt flex by Cutera. What cannot be clinically measured is your increased confidence.

Whether you are a cross-training pro or a gym newbie, truSculpt flex by Cutera is for you. So take advantage of your first session today, included in The Box by Dr Ava: Skincare Heroes Limited Edition, to see what kind of astounding results are waiting for you! 


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