U.SK Under Skin Precious Elixir

In The Box by Dr Ava: Skincare Heroes Limited Edition, you receive full-sized, high-quality products that are usually reserved for Dr Ava’s private clients. We believe in providing full-sized samples so that you get all of the benefits of each unique product. 

Let’s take a closer look at a product from U.SK Under Skin — the Precious Elixir; which takes your skincare game to the next level with one drop of the best science has to offer.

U.SK Under Skin Precious Elixir is an effective anti-aging treatment used to reduce wrinkles and increase the firmness of your skin. Valued at $149, this product is adored by dermatologists and patients alike for its super hydrating formula. It also offers protection against environmental stressors such as solar radiation, wind, and dry air.  

Containing strong peptides that can boost collagen, studies show that consistent use of the Precious Elixir leads to a dramatic decrease in both static and dynamic skin lines, allowing your skin to look significantly firmer, younger, and healthier.

This product stands out for several reasons, but to start, any product that contains infusions of gold, diamond, pearl, and caviar must be just extraordinary, right? But why? What can these luxe ingredients, usually reserved for jewelry and dinner parties, do for your skin? Let’s dig into what makes this product truly exceptional; the infusions. 

Precious Elixir infusions are proven to promote cell rejuvenation and calm inflammation while leaving your skin vibrant and gleaming. Each ingredient brings its own remarkable benefits to your skincare routine. 

The gold infusion revitalizes and uniforms the texture of the skin tissue, leaving your skin looking bright and fresh. 

The diamond infusion promotes cell renovation and restores necessary skin hydration, which gives you extra protection against the elements. 

The high volume of protein and vitamins provided by the pearl and caviar promotes cell renovation, which will reduce the gradual appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a more uniform texture. 

Each of these key infusion ingredients is proven to hydrate and brighten dull skin, allowing you to glow from the inside out! 

Even better, the U.SK Under Skin Precious Elixir is a quick and easy step to add to your daily skincare routine. All you need to do is simply apply 1-2 drops into your hand, then massage the product onto your face using circular motions. Use in the morning before moisturizer and makeup, or at night after cleaning and exfoliating. It really is that easy to achieve younger-looking skin. 

Whether you are hoping to erase fine lines and wrinkles or to protect against environmental stress on the skin, the Precious Elixir will soon be your secret weapon for bright and glowing skin. It is never too early to start your anti-aging skincare journey, so try the U.SK Under Skin Precious Elixir included in The Box by Dr Ava: Skincare Heroes Limited Edition today!


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