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What’s The Difference Between Basic Science Research & Clinical Research?

Clinical research describes many different elements of scientific investigation. At the beginning of her career, Dr Ava spent time doing science basic research – looking at gene expression and the impact it has on the skin. At this point in her career, she studies the effect that medications that have already been approved through the lab have on your skin. Every product that is included in The Box by Dr Ava has been reviewed with a lens based on the culmination of almost 30 years of industry knowledge and work. She has evaluated the safety and efficacy of these products for use on the face, or in the body. As a board-certified dermatologist with a strong research background, Dr Ava is in the position to choose products that are efficacious and safe.

TRANSCRIPT: “Basic science research takes place in a laboratory, so that means that’s one of those places where you see test tubes and you see all kinds of machines at measure different properties or whatever you’re looking at. So basic science research that I did involved really looking at gene expression, and we all know now how important gene expression is in disease states and healthy states. And that’s the kind of work I did at the beginning of my career. At this point in my career, I look at the effect that medications that have already been worked out in the laboratory, what they do to your skin or to ones skin, maybe yours later.”


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