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Why Should I Listen to Dr Ava?

Why listen to Dr Ava? Everything that is included in each box is a culmination of almost 30 years of industry knowledge and work. There are not only great products packed into your box – there is also great knowledge. You can access this knowledge to get real answers to your most pressing skincare questions. The Box by Dr Ava gives skincare enthusiasts and addicts alike a place to go where you can ask in-depth questions and get real answers.

TRANSCRIPT: “Everything that I’m talking about and that you see appears in The Box, it didn’t happen in two seconds, it didn’t happen in ten minutes, it is the result of a life-long career, really… I hate to say it, but you know, almost 30 years work. So, there’s a lot of information packed in here that is now in your Box.”


The Box By Dr. Ava

Get the exclusive seasonal box with full-size, dermatologist-recommended products ($800+ in value) delivered right to your door…four times a year! In addition to the box you will receive a membership to Dr Ava’s private Facebook group. Annual subscribers will also get surprise gifts and private monthly live Q&A’s with Dr Ava and expert guests. Don’t worry, you can change or cancel your membership at any time.